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Special Terms & Conditions - UK Camps

Updated: 12th May 2021

We at Jonathan Markson Tennis have been continually monitoring the ever-changing COVID-19 situation. We were one of a few international tennis companies that operated tennis camps over the 2020 Summer, delivering courses to over 250 players in the UK. It was extremely hard work but through this experience we have developed tried and tested operational procedures to keep players and our staff safe and participating in a sport we all love. You just need to read our reviews to see how we did! (LINK TO REVIEWS)

Through the last few months we have been continually re-evaluating our services to ensure they are more flexible than ever to meet your needs. So that when you book with Jonathan Markson Tennis, you book with confidence. Here’s details of our 'Special Terms & Conditions' for you:

 Jonathan Markson COVID Guarantee*

Despite greatly improving conditions in the UK we’re well aware that the COVID-19 situation may change over the weeks leading to your UK summer camps or summer tennis clinic, in which case we’re offering extra reassurance for you. If one of the following happens exclusively due to COVID-19 and you are unsuccessful in claiming back from your appropriate insurance, then we are offering a credit (to be used in 2022) of your balance** which you can claim more than 48hrs before the day of the start of your course, if:

  • You are prevented from travelling as a result of national or international government-imposed travel restrictions.
  • You are required by the UK Government to stay in a 'quarantine hotel' on arrival.
  • You are sick with COVID-19 (you must provide a medical certificate/positive COVID-19 test as evidence).

*Where applicable, these terms supersede any conflicting provision in our standard Terms & Conditions

**Balance is defined as the amount remaining from your total booking cost after the deposit has been deducted. Deposits will be stated on your quote (normally £350 per week per person for UK Residential Camps and £100 per week per person for UK Non-Residential Camps or Clinics). 

Terms & Conditions - Holidays Abroad

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