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Tennis Camps

Unlock your tennis potential

A tennis camp gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a week or more of tennis coaching. Through a combination of learning and practise we will help you reach up to the next stage in your tennis development.

  • 5 hours of coaching per day
  • Residential (with accommodation) and non-residential camps
  • English lessons available for our International players - Brighton, Oxford and Yorkshire only
  • Easter and Bank-Holidays (Oxford and London)
  • Summer Camps (London - Barnes & Fulham, Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford and Yorkshire)
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Options for children and adults

Use the menu below to select a camp that is right for you 

All tennis camps for kids and adults

Tennis Camps
Immerse yourself in a week or more of Tennis coaching in one of our fabulous locations.  

London – Barnes 
London - Fulham

Tennis camps (with accommodation) for kids (8+yrs)

Tennis Camp with accommodation
Enjoy a week or more of coaching from some of the finest International tennis coaches. Make new friends and experience camp life at its best. 

Brighton (15 - 25 yrs)
Oxford (10+ yrs)
Yorkshire - Giggleswick (8 - 15 yrs)

Non-residential tennis camps (day camp without accommodation) for kids (7+yrs)

tennis day camps in Oxford, Yorkshire and London
Local children are able to join our Camps. This is a great opportunity to improve your tennis and meet other tennis players from around the world. 

Brighton (15 - 25 yrs)
London – Barnes
Oxford (7+yrs)
Yorkshire – Giggleswick (7-15 yrs)

Tennis camps (with accommodation) for adults 

Adult tennis player at the tennis camp
Give yourself a break and focus on improving your tennis. With your accommodation located next to the tennis courts you can completely submerge yourself in a week of tennis. 

Oxford (Families)


Non-residential tennis camps (day camps without accommodation) for adults

Adult tennis camp video feedback session
Local residents can enjoy the tennis camp experience without having to stay away from home. 

London – Barnes
London - Fulham