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JMT Tennis Coaching Diploma - CIT (Level 1)

Would you like to become a Tennis Coach in the future? If yes, then this online training course is an essential first step in this process. 

The new JMT Level 1 (Coach In Training) enables coaches to take the first step onto the coaching pathway, without leaving their local club. The course is split into 2 parts:

  • Online coaching skills development programme
  • Mentored club experience

What do you get at the end?

At the end of the full course*, a successful student, will have the skills, certification and insurance to coach under the guidance of their Head Coach, at their local courts or club.

(*External courses and certifications required to complete the full course)

On successful completion of the Level 1, students will have: 

  • An understanding of the fundamental elements of the key shots in tennis
  • An ability to assess a player’s coaching needs
  • A solid grounding in key on-court coaching disciplines, including
    • Ball feeding
    • Group Management
    • Demonstrations
    • Lesson Planning 

What is the aim of the course?

To introduce you to the world of coaching by helping you understand your own game. By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of the role of the coach and, as an added benefit, you will have a clear action plan of how to improve your own tennis!

Why is this course unique?

  • You can become a qualified coach without the need to travel to a course and incur high costs
  • You work with your local head coach to ensure you are learning the appropriate skills for your club
  • As this is an assessed course, future employers will be assured that the L1 certification means a coach is of a good playing standard and has a good grounding in coaching skills 
  • It is the start of a fantastic pathway to becoming a great coach
  • It is the only course which includes membership of the BTCA and an insurance package which means coaches are covered on court following successful completion.

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for players aged 16 or over. You should be of a  high playing standard and have a  passion for tennis and helping others to enjoy the sport we love. 

It is also suitable for international players looking to develop their coaching skills in English as you will become familiar with the English coaching terms and phrases.

The process

Step 1: Completing the online course

Once you have sign up to the course you can complete it in your own time. The course includes the need to capture your own shots on video. At the end of each section, you are required to analyse your videos and complete an online assessment form. At the end of the course, you submit your videos and forms to your course assessor. The assessor will setup a 1 hour zoom call with you to discuss your self-analysis and check that you have a good understanding of the course content and can apply it appropriately. 

Step 2: Mentored Club Experience

The course requires you to complete 10 hours of mentored club experience. On completion of your online assessment, you will be sent a requirement form that is to be completed by your Head Coach. The form is a guide to your Head Coach and will ensure that you cover the appropriate topics required for the Level 1. Once completed you submit your signed form to the course Assessor. 

If you are successful, then you will be issued with your JMT Level 1 (Coach in Training) Certificate. You may choose to stop here or, if you would like to coach in the UK, you can continue on to the next step and complete the relevant external courses/certificates that will enable you to coach. 

Step 3: External Courses/certifications required

Once you have successfully completed Steps 1 and 2 you are nearly ready to go! The BTCA will contact you for the next steps. To be able to coach in the UK you will need to complete several courses/certificates to ensure you are safe to work with adults and specifically children. These courses help to protect your customers and will help you to protect yourself.

The courses are not included in the price as a lot of people may already have these. You will need to apply directly for these yourself. However, you will receive links to suggested courses to help you. 

  • Safeguarding - Child Protection in Sport & Active Leisure. This is a 3-hour online course. This course will help to raise your awareness of abuse and neglect, to recognise early signs that might indicate a problem and show you how to take action if you know or suspect that a child or young person needs help.
  • Criminal record check – DBS or international equivalent. This is a check to ensure you do not have a criminal record. In the UK, there are 2 types of DBS – Enhanced or BASIC. JMT will require you to have an Enhanced DBS if you intend to move onto the Level 2 as you will be resident and will work with young children. If you are intending to work at a club, please check with them on what level is required. More information is available on the Government website -
  • Adult First Aid Certification – It is essential that you have a basic first aid knowledge as a coach. Your First Aid training must be one of these
    • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) - 1 Day
    • First Aid at Work (FAW) - 3 Days
    • Paediatric First Aid (PFA) - 2 Days

Once you have all your certificates you will submit them to the BTCA, and they will issue your BTCA Level 1 Certification. You will be given a BTCA membership number and 1-year membership. The membership gives you coach liability cover, an essential insurance if you are working with paying clients. 

Step 4: Continuing on the pathway

Once you have completed your Level 1 it is important to start building your experience. There is no substitute for being on court. If you are looking to move on in the pathway then you can join the 4-week residential JMT Diploma Pro course and keep developing! 

Successful Level 1 (CIT) candidates (18yrs and over) continue to Level 2 & 3 (Pro Diploma) with JMT, where they attend one of our residential camps, working alongside a qualified coach to develop their practical experience on court. The Pro Diploma is a 4-week course which includes accommodation, meals and over 50 teaching hours.  

Q & A

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you don’t meet the requirements of your assessor, then you can re-take your assessment. Your Assessor will give you an action plan to follow, with clear guidance on what you need to change to be successful. A re-take will cost £85. 

Is this an Official LTA course?

No, this is not an official LTA course. This is a course developed by Jonathan Markson Tennis who have compressed 40 years’ experience of working with coaches into a Diploma that we believe will help players take the first step in becoming great coaches. The Level 1 (Coach In Training) is supported by the British Tennis Coaching Association who have recognised the benefit to coaches of this certification. Successful completion of the Level 1 and the external courses will result in BTCA Level 1 which means you can coach in the UK. 

Can I do this course as a residential course? 

No, the idea is that you can complete this online and at your local club. On completion you can then join our 4-week residential course for the Level 2. 

JMt Diploma CIT  & BTCA Level 1 

Prices are for 1 person. The package includes:

  • Online coaching skills development programme
  • 1 hour on-line assessment via Zoom
  • Mentored Club Experience form 

On successful completion: 

  • JMT Diploma & BTCA Level 1 Certificate 
  • 1 year BTCA membership
  • Coach laiability insurance (Via BTCA)
  • BTCA coaching portal and personla coach website
  • BTCA member offersand discounts 

Course price includes VAT (20%). Limited spaces. 

Course Name Coaching  Course
JMT Diploma CIT £250


To sign up on the course you need to click on the below link


BTCA (British Tennis Coaches Association)

The BTCA is the independent association for all British Tennis Coaches and has been in existence for over 75 years and hosts a number of events throughout the year including the BTCA National Conference.  this attracts over 200 coaches each year and is attended by the countries top coaches, presenters and industry suppliers.


The association also delivers coach education and development courses and has a focus on mental performance and wellbeing training. This helps to keep the organisation at the forefront of coach advancement and industry innovation.

Visit the BTCA website



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