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JMT Tennis Coaching Diploma - CIT (Level 1)

Would you like to become a JMT Coach in the future? If yes, then this 1-week course is an essential part of this process. 

What is the aim of the course?

To introduce you to the world of coaching by helping you understand your own game. By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of the role of the coach and, as an added benefit, you will have a clear action plan of how to improve your own tennis!

Who is it for?

The course is suitable for players aged 16 or over. You should be of a  high playing standard and have a  passion for tennis and helping others to enjoy the sport we love. 

It is also suitable for international players looking to develop their coaching skills in English (Coaches can add English lessons into the programme). 

What do you get at the end?

The JMT Coaching Diploma CIT course is recognized worldwide with an equivalent BTCA Level 1 certification. You will be in a very strong position to move onto the JMT Coaching Diploma PRO (Level 2). 

Key Topics

  • The role of the coach in the modern game
  • Shot by shot video analysis
  • The 4 key teaching elements and how they relate to each stroke
  • An introduction to teaching solutions
  • How to use a player evaluation form
  • Reflective practise
  • Aplying your coaching skills in a group environment

Accommodation and meals

Trainee coaches stay in a single rooms with all meals provided. 

Key Features

  • Accommodation & meals
  • Coach training – on and off the courts
  • On-line training and assessment module
  • End-of-course verbal assessment 
  • Support for entry to JMT Diploma PRO (Level 2)

JMt Diploma CIT (Level 1) - 2021

Prices are for 1 person for 1 weeks. The package includes the course,  meals and accommodation. 

Course price includes VAT (20%). Limited spaces. 

2021 Course Date Coaching  Course
11th July - 18th July £1,245

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If you need help finding the camp that is for you then please contact us. 

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  • With or without accommodation
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