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Supervised Airport Transfers

Jonathan Markson Tennis offers clients  (Under 18 years old) attending our UK camps (on a residential basis) a supervised transfer service.

A JMT representative will pick up / drop off your child from/at a designated airport or railway station. The representative will normally have a few children to pick up. All our representatives are Criminal Record checked (DBS or International equivalent).

JMT Representative Details

You will receive an email one week prior to the arrival / departure detailing the name and identification details of the representative. In some situations we may need to change these details, if so we will email you prior to the journey.

Telephone Number – We will provide you with a contact number for the JMT representative. This number will only be active at he time of the supervised transfer (not before or after). If you need to contact someone then outside of these times then we suggest you use the main JMT contact number (+44 207 603 2422) or the Camp Operations number (detailed in your welcome pack).

When should I book arrival / departure times?

We ask you to book your arrival / departure times between 11 and 15:30. If you book outside of these times then there may be an extra charge of £20 per hour. In some cases, we may need to use our private taxi service if it is too early or late for our representative to get to/from the airport. You will be notified of this should this be the case.

What we need from you

In June (following full payment) we send out an online form in which you can detail flight and departure times. Detail required as follows:


  • Airport / Rail Station
  • Time of arrival in UK
  • Terminal Number (If airport)
  • Is your child an ‘Unaccompanied Minor? (see next section)


  • Airport / Rail Station
  • Time of departure from UK
  • Terminal Number (If airport)
  • Is your child an ‘Unaccompanied Minor? (see next section)

Unaccompanied minor service

The Unaccompanied Minor service is a service offered by airlines for the younger children. You pay extra to the airline for this service. Every airline has different rules for this service. It is paramount that we know if this has been requested and paid for. Example: Some airlines insist we are at the check-in over 2 hours before departure whereas some airlines insist we arrive 1 hour before departure and no earlier!

It is your responsibility to ensure your son or daughter has the appropriate paperwork and that Jonathan Markson Tennis has been informed that you have paid for this service.

Changes to the plan

If you experience a change in the flight schedule (whether it depends on you or not) after you have communicated to us the flight details, we are to be advised right away of such change by email ( If  there are changes to a flight schedule within 48 hours of arrival / departure you must email and contact us by telephone.

Flight documents

Please ensure your child brings all flight documents with him/her to camp. We will provide you in our welcome pack email with a "Permission to Travel" document for you to sign and hand to your child to carry to the UK. Upon request, we will also issue visa-support letters in case you need to apply for a visa for your child to visit the UK (a simple tourist visa).