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Tennis & English camps

All our tennis camps are set in fantastic UK locations. For our international students we offer extra English language courses so you can maximise your time with us. We guarantee you a truly British tennis experience! 

Camp Overview

  • 5 hours of coaching per day
  • Residential (with accommodation) and non-¬≠residential camps
  • English lessons for our international players 
  • English lessons - 1 hr or 2.5 hrs per day
  • Native English speaking teachers
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Camps for 8 to 21 year olds (Brighton, Oxford, Yorkshire) and adult only (Cambridge)
  • Fabulous UK tennis destinations

Girl tennis play on the grass courts of Yorkshire Tennis Camp

Yorkshire tennis camp

A unique opportunity to live and play tennis on the grass courts of the world famous English School - Giggleswick

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Dates Course Name, Location Suitable For
04/07 - 24/07 Giggleswick School 8 - 15 yrs

Tennis players at the Oxford Tennis Camp

Oxford tennis camp

Established in 1981, this is our flagship tennis camp. Join us on the grass courts of Oxford University for a fantastic summer of tennis. 

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Dates Course Name, Location Suitable For
03/07 - 21/08 Oxford University Sports 8 - 17 yrs

Older teenage players with their tennis coach

Brighton tennis camp

An exciting new camp for the older teenage players looking to develop their tennis and fitness as well as learning more about tennis coaching. 

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Dates Course Name, Location Suitable For
26/06 - 07/08 University of Sussex 15 - 21 yrs

Professional adult tennis coaching group

Cambridge tennis camp (Adults)

The new adult tennis camp takes place on the grass courts of Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Club. 

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Dates Location Suitable For
07/08 - 21/08 Cambridge University Lawn Tennis 18 + yrs

Find My Camp

If you need help finding the camp that is for you then please contact us. 

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  • Age
  • Player level / rating
  • With or without accommodation
  • How you heard about us
  • With or without English lessons (For International Players Only)
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